Transnational Academic Group (TAG) was established in 2007, and along with our university partners we have since been providing high-quality career focused education opportunities to students from around the world, including in Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia.  Our work is focused on supporting students from the start of their academic journey, through to graduation, and beyond.

TAG develops the people who develop nations.  Education is fundamental to the the well-being of our families, our communities, and our nations.  We take great care in supporting your educational journey, enabling your development and in turn the impact that you will have on your family, community and nation.

What Do We Do

TAG Campuses – TAG has university partnerships in Dubai and Ghana where students can enroll at Curtin University Duabi, or at Lancaster University Ghana.  Both Curtin University and Lancaster University, TAG’s university partners, are ranked in the global top 1% of universities.  You can apply directly to Curtin University Dubai or Lancaster University Ghana, and our Admissions Officers will be happy to guide your through the enrollment process.

TAGmyFuture Study Abroad Advisory – TAG established TAGmyFuture in 2022 to assist and advise students in Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia who are seeking admission to universities in the UK, UAE, Mauritius and Ghana.  TAGmyFuture provides advice and assistance to students ranging from university application, study abroad accommodation and travel, visa advice, and pre-departure orientation.

University Campus Partnerships

TAG has university partnership campuses in Dubai with Curtin University, and in Ghana with Lancaster University.  Students can study on a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes at Curtin University Dubai or at Lancaster University Ghana, or they can study on our foundation programme which prepares you for admission to undergraduate study at these campuses.

Our approach to education is centred on student needs and their success throughout the higher education journey in order to establish a solid foundation for a rewarding career.

TAG University Partner Campuses
Study Abroad Agency

For students who are looking to study abroad in the UK or elsewhere, TAGmyFuture provides advise and assistance to students with their admission, visa and other study abroad necessities.  TAGmyFuture has study abroad partnerships with several universities in the UK, Dubai, Mauritius and Ghana.

Students who are intending on studying abroad in the UK, Dubai or elsewhere can also enrol on the TAG Ghana foundation programme for one year, if such a programme is required for undergraduate admission, and then shift to the study abroad university.

TAG Study Abroad University Partners

Our Committment to you

Student Centred Approach

We put the needs and requirements of our at the center of everything that we do. We are dedicated to providing the best service and advice for their priorities, and we strive to make sure that their transition to studying abroad is done efficiently and with minimum stress.

Values and Beliefs

We commit to providing our students with timely and accurate advice and information, and we work in a transparent and ethical manner with both students and our university partners.

The TAG Foundation

The Transnational Academic Group (TAG) Foundation complements the Groups Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.  The TAG Foundation, through its Education Trust, provides financial support for the education of needy but brilliant students in Ghana. activities to Ghana.  The Foundation also supports Rising Star Home, an Orphanage located at Dodowa.

“Our focus is on the Girl Child and Children from disadvantaged families, mainly to assist with their education as that was the most powerful tool to change someone’s life,” Mrs Saloni Wahi, TAG Patron stated at the launch of the TAG Education Trust in 2022.  Beneficiaries of the Education Trust include current or future students and scholars from disadvantaged backgrounds who are citizens of Ghana, and children of non-executive staff of TAG Ghana.