TAG Foundation Pathway


Your pathway to study abroad

What is a Foundation Programme?

Most UK universities require students who have not completed A-Levels (or equivalent) to complete a foundation pathway programme before giving admission to undergraduate courses.  The TAG Foundation Programme is recognized by our partner universities, it is validated by Lancaster University, and it is accredited by the British Accreditation Council.  The TAG Foundation Programme prepares you for admission to undergraduate level degree courses at our partner universities located in the UK, Dubai, Mauritius, or Ghana. 

The TAG Foundation Programme

TAG has been delivering its Foundation Programme (TFP) in Ghana and Dubai since 2007 and it has seen over 2000 students transition to undergraduate studies at its partner universities.  The programme runs for three consecutive terms starting in September or January each academic year. 

The TFP is a requirement for university admission for graduates of WASSCE, WAEC, SSCE, GBCE, NECO  and equivalent curriculua.  Students applying with other qualifications may also be required to complete the TFP prior to undergraduate studies.

The TFP follows three core modules across three-terms and discipline specific modules in the third and final term depending on your chosen undergraduate course subject.

Core Modules

Core modules are designed to develop your critical thinking abilities and to provide you with research and academic writing skills, to develop your computer skills, and to provide foundational mathematical skills.

Term One
  • Critical Thinking, Research & Academic Writing I
  • Foundation Maths
  • Digital Information Skills
Term Two
  • Critical Thinking, Research & Academic Writing II
  • Introduction to Project Management
  • Innovative Management & Leadership
Term Three
  • Critical Thinking, Research & Academic Writing III
  • 2 Pathway-Specific  Courses
Pathway-Specific Modules

Modules that are specific to your chosen study area are delivered in terms 2 and 3.  These modules will provide you with subject specific foundational knowledge and skills. 

Business and Humanities Stream

Two electives from:

  • Introduction to Economics,
  • Introduction to Management Accounting,
  • Politics & Society, or
  • Introduction to Marketing.
Law and Social Sciences Stream

Two electives from:

  • Legal Perspectives,
  • Politics & Society, or
  • Introduction to Economics
Science and Technology Stream

Both of:

  • Introduction to Computer Programming, and
  • Fundamentals of Information Systems.

Note. For Engineering the term structure and electives differ from above. Additional modules in Pure Mathematics, Mechanics, and Physics will be taken.

TAG Foundation Programme Advantages

Undergraduate Admission

The TAG Foundation Programme is recognised by our university partners as an undergraduate pathway.  On completing the TAG Foundation Programme, progression to undergraduate studies at our partner universities is straight forward and your application will be fully handled by our helpful staff.

Preparing you for Success

Not only does it provide an undergraduate admission pathway, the TAG Foundation Programme also prepares you for success in your undergraduate studies.  The programme builds confidence and and helps you to acclimatise to university study.  The success rate of the TAG Foundation Programme is very high.  Students who complete the programme transition easily to our study abroad partner university undergraduate courses.

Lower Overall Cost

TAG’s “1+3” system (which is study in Ghana for 1 year, and then in the UK, Dubai or Mauritius for 3 years) not only enables a truly international experience, it also brings the overall cost down.  The TAG Foundation Programme tuition fee is $7,000, compared to UK based foundation programmes that can cost up to £19,000 ($25,000). With the lower tuition fees and living costs for the first year of study you can save over $20,000 on your total study abroad costs.