Student Pre-Departure Orientation to Studying Abroad

Everything is in place and you are all set, but first TAGmyFuture will make sure that you are fully prepared

Our pre-departure orientation sessions are designed to help you prepare for your study abroad experience.  We will walk you through a checklist of items and make sure that you have prepared thoroughly.  Invite your parents, as we know they will take comfort in knowing that you are ready and in good hands.

Your TAGmyFuture Advisor will even stay in touch with you after you have arrived, just to make sure that you are settling in okay.

Your pre-departure orientation will include the following.
  • What to bring and pack
  • Arrival in a new country
  • Banking and foreign exchange
  • Local culture insights
  • Student life in your new country
  • Support and well-being in your new country
  • Working while you study and advice on internships
  • Dealing with homesickness
  • Legal matters