Travel Advice and Assistance

Getting to and from your study abroad location often involves arranging flights, airport pick-up, travel insurance and other details.  Your TAGmyFuture Advisor will provide advice on all of your travel needs, and if you require so will even make all of the bookings on your behalf.

Booking Flights

Your TAGmyFuture Advisor can provide you with advice on the most efficient flights to book for your study abroad, or they can book the flights for you directly.  They have experience and they will take your preferences and needs into account.

Travel Insurance

It is wise to arrange travel insurance any time you travel, and Again your TAGmyFuture can either advise on the best insurance for you, or they can arrange it directly for you.

Please note that most countries and universities require that an international student take out a health insurance policy.  These are arranged through your university and your TAGmyFuture Advisor will advise you on these requirement.