Accommodation Advice and Assistance

Having comfortable and safe accommodation during your study abroad time is a top priority for students and their parents.  Your TAGmyFuture Advisor will explain the various options available to you and will and help you to find the accommodation that suits you best.

Accommodation Types

There are many types of accommodation available to you for your study abroad.  Depending on your personal preferences and what you can afford, the right type of accommodation is available.  Your TAGmyFuture Advisor will walk you through the options and help you to make the right decision.

Types of Accommodation
  • On-campus residence / hostels
  • Off-campus residence or hostels
  • Off-campus private accommodation
  • Homestay accommodation
  • Short-term accommodation
On-Campus Residence / Hostel

Most universities have ample on-campus residence or hostel capacity for international students.  Parents and students generally prefer an on campus accommodation environment environment, especially for the first year of your study abroad time.  On-campus accommodation provides a complete solution including a room, food services, internet, security, counseling and a broad range of additional services.  Living on-campus is also convenient for classes and other activities, and it enables you to quickly make friends.

Off-Campus Managed Residence / Hostel

Privately managed off-campus accommodation is becoming more popular with international students. Private companies offer accommodation, usually off-campus, but in a secured and comfortable environment.  They offer modern accommodation, full service and convenient locations.  These types of private rental accommodation are usually endorsed by various universities.  They provide a complete accommodation solution, are usually close to campus, and they enable you to make new friends with similar interests very quickly.

Off-Campus Private Accommodation

Off-campus private accommodation can include private rental arrangements, either single or shared.  They provide you with many options on location and accommodation type.  Seniors students sometime prefer this type of accommodation arrangement, and students often share these properties to bring down the costs.

Homestay Accommodation

Homestay accommodation may also be available to you.  Homestays provide you with your own private accommodation within a residential home where your live with a family.  This accommadation can be great if you are looking to quickly assimilate within the local culture, and they tend to be more affordable.  Most universities can connect you with a homestay family that they have vetted.

Short-term Accommodation

In some cases you may want to arrange a short-term accommodate for the first few days after your arrival. These can include hotels, B&Bs or guesthouses.  This short-term accommodation will enable you to look around for yourself  at the various long-term accommodation best suited to you.