Biological Sciences

Study Biological Sciences courses at one of our university partners in the UK or Cyprus.

Biological Science Courses
United Kingdom
University of Liverpool

Anatomy and Human Biology BSc (Hons)
Biochemistry BSc (Hons)
Biological and Medical Sciences BSc (Hons)
Biological Sciences BSc (Hons)
Biological Sciences MBiolSci (Integrated Masters)
Marine Biology BSc (Hons)
Marine Biology MMarBiol (Hons)
Marine Biology with Oceanography BSc (Hons)
Microbiology BSc (Hons)

Advanced Biological SciencesĀ  MSc
Advanced Biological Sciences MRes
Biological Sciences (Biochemistry) PhD / MPhil
Biological Sciences (Evolution, Ecology and Behaviour) PhD / MPhil
Biological Sciences (Functional and Comparative Genomics) PhD / MPhil
Biostatistics PhD / MPhil / MD
Cancer Biology PhD / MPhil / MD
Cell Biology PhD / MPhil / MD
Cellular and Molecular Physiology PhD / MPhil / MD

University of Essex

BSc Biochemistry
BSc Biological Sciences
BSc Biomedical Science
BSc Genetics
BSc Human Biology
BSc Marine Biology
BSc Applied Biomedical Science
BSc Ecology and Environmental Biology
BSc Global Sustainability

MSc Biotechnology
MSc Cancer Biology
MSc Molecular Medicine
MA Wild Writing: Literature, Landscape and the Environment
MSc Tropical Marine Biology
PhD Biological Sciences
PhD Bioinformatics
PhD Biological Sciences: Immunology
PhD Bio-Statistics
PhD Cell and Molecular Biology
PhD Environmental Biology
PhD Environmental Sciences
PhD Mathematical Biology
PhD Microbiology
PhD Plant Biology
MPhil Biological Sciences
MPhil Biological Sciences: Immunology

Edinburgh Napier University

Animal & Conservation Biology – BSc (Hons)
Applied Microbiology – BSc (Hons)
Biological Science – BSc (Hons)
Biomedical Science – BSc (Hons)
Marine & Freshwater Biology – BSc (Hons)

Biomedical Science – MSc
Drug Design & Biomedical Science – MSc
Medical Biotechnology – MSc
Wildlife Biology & Conservation – MSc
Pharmaceutical & Analytical Science – MSc

Middlesex University (London)

Biochemistry BSc Honours
Biology BSc/MSci
Medical Biochemistry BSc Honours/Clinical Biochemistry MSci
Medical Physiology BSc Honours
Medical Science BSc (Hons)
Medical Science with Innovation and Enterprise BSc (Hons)
Neuroscience BSc Honours
Psychology with Neuroscience BSc Honours

Biodiversity, Evolution and Conservation in Action MSc/PGDip
Drug Design and Discovery MSc
Medical Genomics MSc
PGCE Science with Biology (QTS)

University of Nicosia

Human Biology (BSc)

Biomedical Sciences (MSc)

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