Computer Science & Data

Study Computer Science & Data courses at one of our university partners in the UK, Dubai, Mauritius, Cyprus or Ghana.

Computer Science & Data Courses
United Kingdom
University of Liverpool

Computer Science and Electronic Engineering BEng (Hons) / MEng (Hons)
Computer Science BSc (Hons) / MEng (Hons)
Computer Science with Software Development BSc (Hons)
Financial Computing BSc (Hons)
Game Design BSc
Mathematics and Computer Science BSc (Joint Honours)

Advanced Computer Science MSc
Big Data and High Performance Computing MSc
Business Analytics and Big Data MSc
Computer Science MSc
Data Science and Artificial Intelligence MSc
Data Science and Communication MSc
Geographic Data Science MSc
Health Data Science MSc
Theoretical Computer Science MSc

University of Essex

BSc Computer Science
BSc Computer Games
BEng Computer Networks
BEng Computer Systems Engineering
BEng Computers with Electronics
BEng Robotic Engineering
BSc Data Science and Analytics
BSc Artificial Intelligence

MSc Advanced Computer Science
MSc Computer Networks and Security
MSc Computer Games
MSc Computer Engineering
MSc Artificial Intelligence
MSc Artificial Intelligence and its Applications
MSc Big Data and Text Analytics
MSc Economics and Econometrics
MSc Financial Technology
MSc Health Genomics
MSc Intelligent Systems and Robotics
MSc Internet of Things
MSc Social Data Science
MSc Data analytics

Edinburgh Napier University

Animation for Games – BSc (Hons)
Computer Systems & Networks – BEng (Hons)
Computing – BEng/BEng (Hons)
Computer Science – BSc/BSc (Hons)
Cybersecurity & Forensics – BEng (Hons)
Data Science – BSc (Hons)
Digital Media & Interaction Design – BSc (Hons)
Digital Media & Interaction Design Global – BSc (Hons)
Games Development – BSc/BSc (Hons)
Informatics for Business – BSc (Hons)
Software Engineering – BEng/BEng (Hons)
Software Engineering – MEng
Sound Design – BSc (Hons)
User Experience (UX) Design – BSc (Hons)
Web Design & Development – BSc (Hons)

Advanced Security & Digital Forensics – MSc
Advanced Security & Digital Forensics – MSc
Business Information Technology – MSc
Computing – MSc
Computing with Professional Placement – MSc
Sound Design – MSc
Advanced Security & Cybercrime (Executive Masters) – MSc
Project and Programme Management (Executive Masters) – MSc
Strategic ICT Leadership (Executive Masters) – MSc
User Experience Design – MSc

Middlesex University (London)

Computer Networks and Security BSc
Computer Systems Engineering BEng
Cyber Security and Digital Forensics BSc
Robotics BEng
Business Information Systems BSc/MComp
Computer Science BSc/MComp
Information Technology BSc/MComp
Mathematics and Data Science BSc Honours
Professional Practice in Digital Technology (Business Analytics) BSc

Building Information Modelling Management and Integrated Digital Delivery MSc
Computer Networks and Network Design MSc
Cyber Security and Pen Testing MSc
Network Management and Cloud Computing MSc
Telecommunications Engineering MSc
Business Information Systems Management MSc
Computational Neuroscience MSc/PGDip
Computer Science MSc
Creative Technology MA/MSc
Cybercrime and Digital Investigation MSc
Data Science MSc
Digital Forensics MSc
Robotics MSc

Curtin University Dubai

BSc – Information Technology
BSc – Cyber Security

Middlesex University (Dubai)

BSc Honours Business Computing and Data Analytics
BSc Honours Cyber Security and Digital Forensics
BSc Honours Information Technology
BSc Honours Business Information Systems
BEng Honours Computer Systems Engineering

MSc Cyber Security and Pen Testing
MSc Network Management and Cloud Computing
MSc Data Science

University of Nicosia

Business Administration: Information Systems and Social Media (BBA)
Computer Engineering (BSc)
Computer Science (BSc)
Data Science (BSc 4 years)

Blockchain and Digital Currency (MSc)
Business Administration: Entrepreneurship and Digital Transformation (MBA)
Computer Science – Cyber Security (MSc)
Computer Science – Mobile Systems (MSc)
Computer Science – Blockchain Technologies (MSc)
Computer Science (PhD)

Lancaster University Ghana

Computer Science BSC Hons

Middlesex University (Mauritius)

BSc (Hons) Cyber Security and Digital Forensics
BSc (Hons) Information Technology
BEng (Hons) Computer Science (Systems Engineering)
BSc (Hons) Computer Networks and Security

MSc Cyber Security and Pen Testing
MSc Network Management and Cloud Computing
MSc Data Science
MSc Business Information Systems Management (BISM)

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