Healthcare and Social Work

Study Healthcare and Social Work courses at one of our university partners in the UK or Cyprus.

Healthcare and Social Work Courses
United Kingdom
University of Liverpool

Diagnostic Radiography BSc (Hons)
Nursing BN (Hons)
Occupational Therapy BSc (Hons)
Orthoptics BSc (Hons)
Physiotherapy BSc (Hons)
Therapeutic Radiography and Oncology BSc (Hons)

Global Healthcare Ethics MSc
Global Medical Ethics MSc
Health, Cultures and Societies MA
Master of Public Health MPH
Cancer Care MSc
Clinical Ophthalmology and Vision Science MSc
Diagnostic Radiography (Pre-registration) MSc
Health Data Science MSc
Nursing MSc
Occupational Therapy (Pre-registration) MSc
Palliative and End of Life Care MSc
Pandemic Sciences MSc

University of Essex

BA Social Change
BA Social Work
BSc Applied Biomedical Science
BSc Nursing (Adult)
BSc Nursing (Mental Health)
BSc Oral Health Science
BSc Physiotherapy
BSc Speech and Language Therapy
FdSc Oral Health Science

MSc Advanced Clinical Practice
MSc Health Genomics
MSc Advanced Periodontal Practice
MSc Global Public Health
MSc Medical and Clinical Education
MSc Musculoskeletal Practice
MSc Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Imaging
MSc Periodontology
MSc Physiotherapy
MSc Speech and Language Therapy
FdSc Oral Health Science

Edinburgh Napier University

Midwifery – BM
Nursing Adult – BN
Nursing (Child Health) – BN
Nursing Learning Disabilities – BN
Nursing Mental Health – BN
Nursing Studies – BSc

Advanced Clinical Practice (named speciality) – MSc
Healthcare Management – MSc
Midwifery – MM
Midwifery (Short) – MSc
Midwifery (Short) – PgDip
Nursing (Pre-Registration) Adult Health – MSc
Nursing (Pre-Registration) Mental Health – MSc
Occupational Therapy (Pre-registration) – MSc
Physiotherapy (Pre-registration) – MSc
Practice Learning (Social Services) – Graduate Certificate
Social Work – MSW

Middlesex University (London)

Healthcare Science (Audiology) BSc Honours
Healthcare Science (Cardiac Physiology) BSc Honours
Healthcare Science (Neurophysiology) BSc Honours
Public Health BSc
Professional Practice BA/BSc
Midwifery BSc Honours
Nursing (Adult) BSc Honours
Nursing (Child) BSc Honours
Nursing (Mental Health) BSc Honours
Social Work BA Honours

Cardiac Rhythm Management and Electrophysiology MSc
Cardiac Ultrasound MSc
Advanced Clinical Practice MSc
Mental Health Studies MSc
Mental Health and Substance Use (Dual Diagnosis) MSc
Advanced Professional Practice (Negotiated Specialism) MA/MSc
Midwifery Studies MSc
Nursing Studies MSc
Advanced Social Work Practice MA
Social Work MA

University of Nicosia

Social Work (BSc)
Nursing (BSc) (in English)
Nursing (BSc) (in Greek)
Nutrition and Dietetics (BSc)
Pharmacy (MPharm)
Physiotherapy (BSc)

Clinical Dietetics (MSc)
Contemporary Nursing – General Nursing
Contemporary Nursing – Oncological Care
Contemporary Nursing – Community Nursing (MSc)
Exercise Science and Physical Education (MSc)
Mental Health Nursing (MSc)
Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy (MSc)
Neurological Physiotherapy (MSc)
Sports Nutrition/Dietetics and Nutrition Intervention (MSc)
Exercise Science and Physical Education (PhD)
Nursing (PhD)
Nutrition and Dietetics (PhD)
Physiotherapy (PhD)

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