Undergraduate Degrees

Transnational Academic Group’s partner universities are ranked among the top 1% of universities worldwide, and they are leading the way on research and community/industry engagement relevant to today’s societies in a globalized world.

Our partners like Lancaster University have been long recognized for their excellence in curriculum, teaching, and graduate outcomes. Similarly, Curtin University has built a reputation around innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit, being at the forefront of many high-profile research projects in astronomy, biosciences, economics, mining, and information technology.

As we continue to bring more recognized institutions onboard, we are committed to providing world-class education to our students and playing a big part in shaping their successful future. 

We offer two pathways to undergraduate study at a partner university.

  1. If you have completed your A-Levels, IB, or equivalent senior high school and qualify for direct admission to an undergraduate programme, we will assist you with completing and filing your application to a selected study partner and offer all-rounded support for you to study abroad.

  2. If undergraduate admission to your chosen course requires you to complete a foundation programme, you can easily enroll in the TAG Ghana Foundation Programme, and after completing the programme, your application to a selected partner university will be processed by us, and offer you all-rounded support required to study abroad.

Explore undergraduate degree programmes at our partner universities.